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WhatCounts Customer CommunityWelcome to the WhatCounts Customer Community! Please use this community to learn about our products and services, test your knowledge of email marketing best practices and learn how to send smarter, more personalized messages.

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Learning Center

​The WhatCounts Professional Edition Learning Center is a knowledge base where you can view Help Guides that give step-by-step instructions on how to use every feature in the product.  You can also learn about past and current product releases to make sure you're using the product to the fullest. Finally, take a look at our Getting Started section to view quick and informative videos on the most used features of the WhatCounts Professional platform.  This is great information if you're a new client or just need a refresher.



Best Practices Resources

We believe in helping our community become better email marketers. Two of our core values as a company are to never be satisfied and to always be continuously developing superior skills. That’s why we offer these educational resources to help you develop your own superior skills at email marketing.  Get the latest best practices information, learn about new technologies and trends and stay connected. We've even included  a section on our new Smart Marketing philosophy which we believe will help you send smarter, more personalized messages.

Best Practice Resources:

Professional Services

Are you getting the highest return possible out of your email marketing program? Do you want to learn how our professional services can help you improve reader engagement and increase your email marketing ROI? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, be sure to read about the services we offer: 

Refer a Friend

Have you worked with WhatCounts in the past and love what we’ve done for your email program? Do you have a friend who could use our help? Fill out this form to connect them with us. 


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